Kilt and Sporran?

Pouch: wool with cotton lining, 2011

(Skirt: cotton; Belt: leather, metal buckle)
Small pieces of fabric, too tiny for garments are gathered in a cardboard shoebox. Treasured pieces, some hardly more than an inch wide.

A square of black, white and maroon wool plaid had a destiny! Sewed it into pouch/coin purse and lined it with maroon cotton batiste (from the shoebox).

Carried the pouch in a shoulder bag, filled with a little cash, a metrocard and a bank card. Then an idea: belt loops. Slid the pouch onto a belt, et voilà, a quasi kilt and sporran!

   Pouch: cotton, 2011

Also sewn from the stash of fabrics: white stars on navy with cornflower blue pinstripe lining.