Belts & Other Accessories

...for a romantic style

Sketch for Tool Belt

Edwardian Necklace, Crimson Belt, Velvet Camisole, Lawn Skirt

Rose and Leaf Pearl Necklace, Edwardian Belt worn with Velvet Camisole

Tool Belt: cotton duck, muslin, leather


Aubergine Wrap Belt




Chestnut Leather Belt (back)


Pattern Pieces, Mittens and Fleece Lining

Waterproof Fleece Lined Mittens

**©S Beaumont Glacier Glasses outdoors.JPG

Glacier Side Panels for Sunglasses and Snowbound Scarf with Señorita Dress


Summer Love Earrings

jade, coral, aquamarine


Boudoir Earrings

smokey quartz, rice grain pearls

©S Beaumont Daisy Chain.JPG

Daisy Chain

Satin Lined Jewelry Cases