All Dressed

Different seasons in the city.

Urban Pioneer Dress and Hat

*©S Beaumont Pirate Mandarin 4x6.JPG

Gaucho Pants with Leather Wrap Belt, Mandarin Jacket, Linen Blouse and Shadow Hat (on wall)


Moss Wool Jacket with Orchard Dress and Forest Hat (in hand)

*©S Beaumont Independence Day Dress tree.JPG

Museum Dress

*©SK Beaumont Velvet Camisole, Belt, Batiste Skirt--ROOF.JPG

Velvet Camisole with Satin Straps, Rear Cinched Sash and Fog Blue Skirt

*©S Beaumont Silk Stays, Bustle Skirt, Linen Shift.jpg

Silk Taffeta Corset ("Stays"), Bustled Skirt, Linen Shift

*©S Beaumont Señorita Dress4x6.JPG

Señorita Dress and Shadow Hat

10 Gallon Hat, Elizabethan Blouse, Wide Sash, Fog Skirt

 photographer: Beth Rudock

Orchard Dress

Bicycle Skirt and Elizabethan Blouse

©S Beaumont Tiered Tea Dress-small.JPG

Toledo Tea Dress with Silk Sash


Cranberry Jersey Dress

Smoke Velvet Blouse with Cinched Denim Skirt