Everyday, a hat

Hand-blocked wool hats made for fall & winter, straw and silk for springtime & summer...

Picture Hat in Olive Silk


In Winter, Wool. In Summer, Silk.


Concord Hat (lined in silk)

**©S Beaumont Urban Pioneer.JPG

 10 Gallon Hat, Urban Pioneer Dress

Rust Hat, Daisy Chain, Sandstone Dress.jpg

Lucky Day Hat, Khaki Dress


Pioneer Hat, Sapphire Silk Dress, Chemise


Lucky Day Hat (detail)


Dove Grey Edged Cassatt Hat with Umber Ribbon Band


Winter Hats

Made a Rain Coat, then a Rain Hat

"I like that hat!" He crosses the street to get a look at it. "That m---f---'s FLY!" #highpraisebrooklynstyle