detail: Merino wool/cotton lace, 2010
Pioneer theme continues. A chill wind is here. Made knickers, a design fitting the climate. I put them on as soon as the threads were clipped.

Making a garment involves engineering. Even the simplest aspects go awry when making haste. Working with fabric and thread involves a relationship of respect. They are alive. Purple prose to say. Nevertheless, it's true.

Knickers: Cotton w/ crochet trim, 2010
Some projects involve weeks of wondering, planning, experimenting and solving. Have come to understand for balance, working on simpler garments is satisfying.

More Lingerie

Softer than ever...
This was the prototype for bras that will be sewn in silk knit. After working with this less costly material, however, it seems impossible that silk could outdo it. It has a luxurious texture and the color is a neutral mossy olive. (Made bottoms to match.)
After sewing the set, I happily discovered there was fabric enough for a second top. The silk jersey can wait!
(Bra top. Rayon with elastic trim, 2009)