Sketching A Corset

Sketches for a Corset, 2013
More than a decade ago after a year of searching from afar for an apartment in New York City that fit my budget, moved sight unseen into a tiny, tiny sublet in SoHo. It looked out over a churchyard providing a view of sky and trees, and against its amber-hued brick wall, of photoshoots with fashion models posing for photographers. Within hours of arriving in the city had found a job. Early that evening walking along Lafayette Street joyful and reflective, urgently wanted to write about what I'd come to understand that day. With everything in boxes, had left the apartment with neither a pen nor paper. What to do? Turned toward a woman who was walking along the same stretch of pavement. "Pardon me," I began and asked whether she happened to have a pen or pencil to lend momentarily--and oh, a scrap of paper? Explained that I'd an idea I wanted urgently to write. 

She rested her large messenger bag on the trunk of a parked car. From the bag she extracted a fresh yellow legal pad and a pen. "Keep them," she said handing them to me, "I know how that is!"

As ideas churn, will draw or write on any available paper--the back of a business card or receipt, a random flyer, in the margins of a newspaper or the inside of an envelope. Began recently to carry a 3x5 pad of post-its. Sketches made at various times are easily assembled later into a group. Am playing with ideas for an Edwardian corset now in progress.

Design Rendered in...Kleenex

Pattern Notes and Modeling
Late at night, cozy and warm in bed, was making notes on a pattern for a pair of pants. Imagined a similar construction for a top. Would it work?

Rather than hopping out of bed to get fabric & scissors to experiment, found a nearby alternative: a tissue. Ideal! Carefully tore, folded and shaped it into a three dimensional form. Sketched the design. Next there will be more precision--measurements, etc. The most beautiful idea requires a skeleton (even if it's made out of Kleenex)!

And the pants? Wearing the first pair now.


Design Sketches for Camisole Blouse, 2010
There are many steps to making a garment, and it might be worth detailing them rather than waiting to post the final outcome. Initially there is a sketch, working out design ideas. Here is a sketch for the gingham blouse. Lace was going to be part of the design, but where to place it? Debated: the straps, above the bodice, at the hem and under the yoke. Ultimately the third version from the left was made.