Bring on da Rain!

Raincoat & Hat: nylon with cotton lining
Photo: Beth Rudock
It was raining last week. Walking down the street, stood at the curb waiting for the light to change. "That's a big hat," said  a very little boy. His father, looking at me explained, "it's an umbrella hat!" It is!

It has been a challenge to give an impression of what it's like to really dress in a homemade wardrobe. Enter Beth Rudock, photographer. She's capturing the essence of the project.


Raincoat, 2010
It has been raining lightly. Was working on this when the sky turned moss green then black as a tornado touched down in Brooklyn last week. It was eerie (the night-dark sky, trees careening in gales of wind and almost militant rain).

Detail: Collar

Detail: Lining