Ironing Board Cover, 2012

Working for weeks on making a Victorian corset.

Meanwhile, there was a beginning sewing class in the studio. Time to recover the ironing board before students arrived! Pieced together odds and ends to make the cover. A drawstring (cord) was encased in a channel on the underside and heave-ho, tied! 

More in the drawstring-themed project category: an embroidered muslin bag.

Embroidery Detail, 2012
Small Muslin Bag, 2012
(on new ironing board cover)

Laundry Gets Done

The Soak: lingerie
There is the adage about public/laundry. Forgive me.

The local laundry is a few blocks away. The routine: fill a sack and walk with arms wrapped around the bundle. After the wash cycle, bring (lug!) the damp collection home and drape it over drying racks. It has a satisfying appearance, like a table set with a meal one has made.

Some lingerie gets washed by hand.

Underneath It All

(Warmth in Winter, 2011)

This winter was a cold one! Have been reading pioneer era literature (children's, young adult and adult) with descriptions of winter and the layers worn to preserve warmth. Winter has been inspiring me to make undergarments. 

Left to right: boy shorts, camisole, bloomers, long underwear, slip, bra.