Irresistible Flannel

How can one resist flannel clothing? It feels like wearing pajamas during the day [appropriate as it turns dark by 4.30 p.m]!
A dress-form is overdue both for making clothing and photographing it. It is difficult to photograph clothing on a hanger and I am shy about taking self-portraits.
A flannel dress. Pockets added to keep hands warm. Am attracted to winter clothing in warm fabrics, made sleeveless, layered with a sweater. Here, with the orchid sweater (Sept. 2009).

(Pinafore dress. Cotton flannel, Dec. 2009)

Dress for a Windy Day

Until a dress form is mine, the only way to show this is to photograph it on the body. (For a shy person that's scary.) There are gathers at the shoulder and at the base of the bodice. The skirt wraps, with a generous overlap. The day was mighty windy--potentially embarrassing weather for a wrapped dress-- Fortunately, the dress is designed with gusts considered.

(Wrap-around dress, cotton/lycra , 2009)