The Modern Garter

Garter: cotton/lycra, nylon, elastic
Why did garters go out of fashion? Tights, which replace a garter and stockings, are aptly named.

The solution: modernize! Plush garters are sewn to a band of gentle lace and soft jersey with an adjustable hook & eye closure. Here is a modern garter belt. The little bow in the front was a last minute consideration. It is a small detail yet it seemed to balance the design.

Making Socks

Continuing with the goal of making everything I wear.

In winter socks are necessary. These can be knitted, but I wondered whether they could be sewn?

Made socks consisting of three pieces: a sole (which can be traced from one's foot), a piece covering the top of the foot which curves around the front of the leg, and the back which begins at the heel and curves to meet the front piece. Rather than create a band at the top, it was quick work to sew along the top with an overlock stitch. They stay up, benefiting from wool's inherent elasticity.

(Socks in merino wool, 2009)