The Dragon

Isaac drew a dragon.
I used the picture as a template for a stuffed animal. Kept to the lines of the drawing. Double stitched the seams  for durability. Hopefully the dragon will be handled a lot! Embroidery was perfect for the eyes and mouth, mimicking the dragon's expression in the picture.

(Dragon: 21" length, horn to tail x 15" height)

Been Way Too Long!

When projects become intricate I must break down the steps, otherwise the time slips by. Two months since the previous post, oh my.
In December a leather bag was made, pieced together from three disco-lovely metallic leathers. The bag has a back sleeve into which a large belt (a second project which has yet to be photographed) can be inserted and secured around the waist...ta-dah. There are plenty of rugged lumbar packs, but none to wear with heels! The design of this bag is vaguely based upon an obi.
More photos to follow...