Summer rain hat: waterproof acetate, cotton lining, 2011
We've had some steamy, rainy days as summer ebbs. A rain hat made previously was warm and practical in cold weather, yet was proving mighty hot in summer!

Using material remaining from a raincoat sewn in the spring,  constructed a summer-weight wide brim rain hat with a deep crown (so hair can be worn up underneath).  

Love to be without the extra weight of an umbrella! (Maybe come autumn rain will sew a waterproof bag.)
Shy tilt of the brim

Rain Hat for Summer Storms

(Rain hat: cotton with satin lining, 2010)
A commercial in the 1980's for Gorton's fish sticks featured a fisherman at sea wearing a large yellow rain hat. The image became iconic. This could be the modern urban equivalent in sleek cotton duck. To keep the rain off the brim is wider in the back and slopes gracefully. 

Fuchsia satin lining will lift spirits on grey, stormy days at high sea or on subway rides.

(Gorton's fisherman)